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Alitaliya Ref & Heaters Dev Trdg Est


Alitaliya Ref & Heaters Devices Trd Est. an ISO 9001 certified company was established in 1996 in the United Arab Emirates as an expansion of Ghazi Al Refai & Sons Group of Companies. The experience for more than 65 years as importer & manufacturer of thermal energy product solution represented in Steam Generators & Hot Water Boilers, Light & Heavy Oil, LPG & Natural Gas burners; for all kinds of industries, foodstuff, residential, hotel industry, petroleum & gas refineries, laundries, building constructions and many other

various technical and industrial applications where the heat energy is required. Our range of products are complying with the latest European norms and approved by prominent Certifying authorities.

Our objective is to provide our valued clients high quality products & services for a more demanding areas of a thermal power energy for Industrial applications, residential, hospitality, and in many other various fields' purposes.

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